Friday, September 25, 2015

Tropical Birds

Like I mentioned in the previous post, the best part of the Tropical Fruit Land, was the bird area. There were several different birds, some free flying (with covered ceiling of course) ones, some in cages. We all got excited when we realized that we could actually feed the pretty Rainbow Lorikeet.

You had to pay for a little cup of nectar, and you hold it up for them to sit on the side of the cup to drink. You had to hold on pretty tight, not to spill anything..Not easy for the little ones, so we helped them to hold it up, as holding up the arms for the bird to come and land on the cup, required both patience and steady and still hands not to scare them away. We tried to then slowly move the cup down at the kid's level so that they could have a good look at the birds. I know, there are lots of pictures, but it was so fun, and they turned out pretty good! As I wanted to get some pictures with me in them too, Chris took quite a few this time so I'm in more pictures than usual! This was a great afternoon, and something we all enjoyed. There is no need for me to comment any further on the pictures, so here we go, please enjoy!

A Tucon!

Tropical Fruit Land

To try to catch up on our adventures from vacation week in August, I'd  better just continue! Trust me, even if it seems we are only on vacation all the time, there is plenty of "every day life" here too, but they are maybe not so much to write about. As I don't always find time daily to "report" what we did that day, I rather focus on the fun stuff, and as there is lots of family and friends that haven't been here and won't be able to come and visit us, I'd like to share many pictures and show everyone all the exotic places we visit.

After the Pineapple Park, we continued not far down the road, and visited something that I had looked up online before, called the "Tropical Fruit Land". This was a place where they would grow all kind of tropical fruits, some that you are used to see in the stores, but not so much growing on trees! Instead of just having a trail with fruit trees, they had made this into a "Tropical Kingdom" and all the kids got little maps, where they were supposed to get clues, and there were all kind of different magic places throughout the park to visit and to look at. 

Just when we entered, we found the first treasure box with information, and the kids were excited to see what would come next.

Here, you can get information about the exotic fruit "Wax apple"

We didn't get to try these, but the tree were full of them. After what I've read and heard, it tastes nothing like a real apple, but more like a pear, with flesh like a watermelon..It has a typical bell shape, and the darker it gets, the sweeter it is. Some farmers markets sell the very dark ones, nick named the Black Pearl, and they are said to be very expensive. I really wish we would have been able to sample some of the fruits they had growing!

Atleast we all know how bananas grow and taste!

We had looked forward to the Butterfly Garden, but we were a bit disappointed. There were hardly any butterflies there, and the ones we did see, where fluttering very high, hard to see. I had told the little kids to dress in red, as it was written on their website that the butterflies would like that and even be drawn to you. I guess the butterflies here didn't get that memo..

Some of the fruits displayed to find throughout the park.

When you pushed a button, this "magic" well displayed a secret screen behind the water. Here it's just closing. Small things like this, was obviously great for the kids, who otherwise soon would have gotten bored to just walk around.

Some fruits I didn't note the name of, like these...

..or THESE! What was that!!??  I wish I would have done a better job taking down the names, but with the little ones running around, it stayed with the intention. But these were something different. They were as big as Cassie's head!

Edit: After a comment from Ruth in Virginia, I'm now pretty sure that the fruit is the so called "Breadfruit". Thank you Ruth for that information!

Pretty yellow hibiscus flowers. 
The red and orange ones are more common here, those you see everywhere, the yellow ones not so much.

Tree nymph butterflies prefer the tropics and occur in Japan, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other parts of Southeast Asia. Some of them are rather large, with a wingspread range from 3-6 inches (7-15cm).

We didn't get to see any close up, just a few high over our heads in the the green lush bushes and plants. They did look large, and it would have been fun to see one really close that big!

Pretty hibiscus, here in the more common red/orange color.

Ofcourse there were a few Koi ponds. These weren't the pretty colored ones though.

Isabella found a magic tree stump, maybe a fairy's house?

This was not the "Pixie Hollow" but a home for some other little fairies.

Isabella ran ahead, and came back telling me that I have to come and look at something. She looked through this magic wheel, and from the side like where I was standing, it didn't look very spectacular, but when I peeked through myself I saw what she saw!

The pictures lined up into a perfect picture!

Before we left the park, we went to feed the birds. This was so much fun and everyone loved this, so there is a lot of pictures from just this, which I'll post in the next post. There would be too many to post here, as this already is getting pretty long. But, check in soon again, and you'll see some colorful birds eating from our hands!

In the very end, the kids could go into a little dark room, place their hand onto a display and then the light started to flicker and then a bright light would show how much wisdom you've gained throughout the park, or something like that..Either way, fun for the little ones!

After that, we were were happy to get inside the restaurant to cool off, as it was as usual a very hot and humid day. We opted for ice cream, even if these large fruit salad bowls looked very pretty and tempting!