Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Five Fat Turkeys Are We..

Indians Lived Here Long Ago..

One Fat Turkey..

What I'm Thankful For Is You!

November Poem

Thanksgiving Performance

Yesterday, we started the Thanksgiving Week with a wonderful time in Kindergarten. Parents and siblings had been invited to their class for a Potluck with performance! The kids have been practicing all weekend at home, and they were so excited for this very first performance!

I was there earlier with the food that we brought for the potluck and Chris was still unsure about if he would be able to make it, so we didn't tell the kids that he would, not wanting to disappoint them, as he had meetings all morning. In case he wouldn't make it, I was concentrating more on filming them, then to take pictures during the performance, so I only snapped a few pictures with the phone here and there and after. I do have a few clips from their songs and poems that I already posted on Facebook. They were adorable, and I was so proud of them for having little speaking parts on their own. This was the first time they did this infront of a larger audience with parents. I will try to load the videos here later, it might take a while to load with our internet speed, but as I have family that don't have Facebook, I want to show them here too.

Bella was a turkey and in the last row..

 ...Ben was an indian and in the middle of the crowd.

The kids (and I) were so excited that daddy was able to see them! 

He made it just in time but as he was late, he was just standing in the back so the kids didn't see him until after the show!

Proud parents of little performers! 

Chris didn't have the chance to stay for the potluck, and left just after when we were lining up for the potluck. 

All families had been asked to contribute with something for the potluck and Chris made a large tray with Pigs-In-A-Blanket from Ben and I made two trays of Apple-Crumble-Pie from Isabella. There were lots of the standard Thanksgiving food, turkey/ham trays from the deli, mashed potatoes, corn and mixes vegetables, rolls, fruit and other deserts.

The kids were not having any other school lunch this day, so it was important for them to eat which they did, even if they were not a fan of the cold cuts..

Ben was made the "Student of the Week" and brought his poster last week, and it was still hanging up in the class room! There was a lot of crafting last weekend, I'll show some pictures of them later. 

A cute turkey that the kids have done in school. This one was Ben's!

After eating and letting the kids play for recess, I helped cleaning up and then it was time to leave while they continued with their day in school. 

 A beautiful sunny day in Okinawa, with a light breeze that made the flags outside school fly!

Unicorn Fish

I know that I have posted a lot of pictures of colorful fishes here on the blog, but I think it's pretty interesting myself, and so very different from the seafood that we are used to. This time at the fish market, I didn't buy anything, actually only had the market as a meeting point to meet a friend for lunch, and she had said that she maybe wanted to eat there. But after seeing that they almost had doubled the price of the lobster plate that she was interested in, we went to another restaurant to eat. I didn't mind, as I think that not just the food matter, but also the restaurant, and I rather eat somewhere where I don't smell the fish..

Anyway, she was running a little bit late so I went inside to have a look if they had anything new and exciting that I hadn't seen before, and they did!

Unicorn Fish!

 Blue Crab

Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper, Alfonsino) 

When Myriam came we walked over to a Japanese Restaurant in the neighborhood . As she had been there before and also lived in Okinawa for almost 10 years, she had a pretty good idea of what to order, and I ended up with a pretty good meal! It was a great lunch date, and I was happy that we had a chance to get together one more time before she and her family moved back to Kyoto on Mainland just the week after. Sad to see a friend leave, but happy that they decided to move to a place that I have on my list anyway that we will visit while we are here in Japan. So this way, I can even get a guided tour while there to meet up!!