Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Another thing that has taken up my time a lot lately, is to study for my Citizenship interview. A few weeks ago already, I had my last evening in the Citizenship course, and the teacher finished off with holding an interview with all of us, asking us questions like it would be for "real". I did well, even if the teacher "embarrassed" me with asking me to sing the national anthem! I don't have a wonderful singing voice, but still, I did it..At least I knew the words, but I also know that I won't get any bookings for singing at any sport events in the future...:)

Something that I didn't know by heart was the "Preamble" which wasn't really required either. The question was what are the first three words..which are "We the people.." those I knew, but as she wanted to test me, she asked me for the rest. Still, after answering a couple of other questions, she said that I would have passed any interview, which felt very good.


The teacher had decorated the room very patriotic and it was nice to have such a great finish to this course. Everyone had pitched in to bring a few side dishes and we had a nice meal with a cake for dessert to finish this off. I know have everything filled out that I need to have to send in to get an appointment for my interview. I had planned to hold off on this until I got back from Sweden in August, as my husband wouldn't be here when it was time to go to Phoenix for the interview, as he was supposed to go to San Diego for a 7 week Staff Academy. If I would have sent it in now, and gotten an appointment early or even during the weeks that I'm in Sweden, I would be put in the very bottom of the pile again if I couldn't show up. To get this progress going, I rather go right away when I can get an appointment, but they just can't say how long that will take from sending in your paperwork. Sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it takes a few months before they call you for an appointment for the interview.

The next steps in this process will be for me to send in my paperwork with the $685.00 process fee, then wait for an interview. When that is done, and I have passed, I will have to wait for another appointment for taking the oath, and receiving my American Citizenship on paper. After that, I'm an American Citizen. Or rather, A Naturalized American Citizen. Then I will have to apply for an American Passport and when I have that, I don't have to worry about anything anymore with extra cost of getting a new Green Card or having to pay a lot of money for getting a renewed Swedish Passport, which isn't that easy when you live far from Washington D.C. I will be so happy when this process is over and done with! In one way, I wish that I could have gone in for an interview the same week as I had finish this course, as everything was still fresh in mind and I would have felt very confident going in for the interview. But, on the other hand, I have everything I need to practice and review before the big day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Day At The Fair

It's been a while, but I finally found some time to go through the pictures from our day at the Fair. It was fun and the kids had a great time. There is so much to do and so much to see, and there is not always enough time to do everything, but it's great to walk around and see what we want and stop here and there. The kids were excited to get out of the house as they all had been sick, and so was I! Come along for a day at the Fair with us!!

Lots of vendors with light swords, wands, balloons and all kind of little toys..

This recruiting stand looks a little bit more impressive than what we knew from our time at Recruiting Duty!  Many times when we were visiting the Kansas State Fair while we lived in KS,  our at the time own USMC Recruiter was working and talking to so many young people that were interested to join..

Walked by a bird show, and the kids thought it was fun to listen to the birds talk and see them do all kind of tricks. After the bird show, we came close to the barn where the rabbits were held. We really wanted to go inside and watch them, but they were showing the rabbits at the time we were there, and we couldn't go inside. We stopped to watch the judging for awhile, but we don't know exactly what they were looking for and how it works, and it was hard to hear that they were commenting on, so the little ones lost interest pretty soon. Cassie and I could have stayed a bit, to see if we could have learned anything about it and to compare with our bunny at home, but as I told Cassie, we'll learn more about it to read up on it on our own.

There were lots of animals that were judged. Rabbits, pigs, calves, sheep, goats..anything. It was so fun to see that most families had a pretty teenage girl that showed the animals. A girl in full make up, styled hair, cute brand jeans which probably isn't the custom attire that she would wear walking around the stable at home. Here it seemed to be very normal..


...and really cute babies!

After watching different shows and animals, we decided to walk toward the little kids play area. With lots of rides and other fun stuff going on. Cassie was a great big sister that tagged along, knowing that we'd go to her rides later on during the day!

The motorbikes were a hit for both our boy...

...and girl!

Something that wasn't as fun, was that Isabella realized that her car didn't have a working steering wheel. The other cars had filled up already, and she had no working one to change into, which made her sulk most of the ride...and yes, we ended up having to do this ride again, with a working steering wheel!

Ben loved the Caterpillar, or the "Sand digger" as he called it!

I had to go with the kids on the merry go round, as they didn't have any seat belts around the kids, which I thought was needed. Cassie was snacking on some nachos, so she didn't want to go with them, so she stayed behind with all our stuff, and even took a few pictures of us with me in them!

Not that often that mommy gets into the pictures..

You who follow me on Instagram have already seen this and a few other pictures, but I love this one above with their HUGE Ice cream Sundays, and had to post it here too! We stopped for awhile to get into the shade, and the kids were eating their ice cream while watching a Pirate Show. Perfect theme for us, and the kids really enjoyed it, and their ice creams...

Captain Jack Spareribs, the only Captain that this Fair could afford he joked, as Jack Sparrow wouldn't find his way to Yuma from Hollywood as he said! He was great, entertaining, made people/dads from the public come up and make a joke out of themselves, which was always fun for the kids to watch!

Ben was so excited to go and meet him after the show, and really wanted to say hi, but when he came this close for a picture, Ben's shyness got the best out of him, and he had a hard time relax and smile for the picture. Not every day that you get to meet a "real" pirate after all!

After the Pirate Show, we met up with Cassie's friend K, who was there with her Aunt. She was about to go home, and we quickly checked with her mom if it was OK for her to stay with us, so the girls could go on some more rides, and it was to to girl's delight! They had so much fun together, and it was great for Cassie to have someone to go with on the rides, to enjoy it more.

It was a hot day and lots of water and lemonade was needed to stay hydrated. Our favorites were the Watermelon Lemonade and the Strawberry Lemonade! Yummy and thumbs up from everyone!

Cute girls having a blast!

The little ones had to stay around waiting this time, not more than fair, as Cassie had done the same earlier during the day for them! It was so much people there, so no, I don't think it would have been a great idea to let the girls "run wild" on their own, they are too young for that still, or this mommy at least think so!

After 5pm, we met up with Chris that came in to meet us, before he had to go to work. He actually ended up taking off work, as he had a bad cold, but as I hadn't got that memo, and he didn't know that we had already made our plans with Cassie's friend to be home by 7pm, we couldn't stay too long anyway. BUT, the kids thought it was great to meet daddy, and he took over the on- and off - the rides for awhile.

Got some nice pictures of him with the kids, just ashame that when I want someone to take a picture with me and the kids, it almost come out a bit blurry. Someone else that has that problem..? Still, I thought they came out cute anyway.  I guesss, not everyone is used to the camera the way I am..

We walked back toward the exit, and there was a building that we hadn't seen yet, with wild animals inside. We had missed that they also had an Animal show going on, but we could at least stay for a few minutes and watch what they had.

The little ones thought that the best thing inside here, was that there was a baby alligator. Well, I've seen many of them earlier, but I'm not that fascinated with them, but it was fun to see how cool they thought it was.

Well, looking into the cage from the little kids view, I must say that they got a much cooler view that we did standing up looking in/down, don't you think?!

After this we went home, the kids were very tired, and it was time to go anyway. A quick bath and then bedtime wasn't far away for the kids, as they were tired after a long day with lots of new things to see and do!