Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finally Easter Sunday

I know, Easter is over, but I haven't been able to sort out my pictures until last night, so here is the last (?) post of Easter this year. The kids woke up so "eggcited" that it was finally "Bunny Day" as Isabella said. Weren't they just adorable as little bunnies?! After breakfast, while I was getting ready to go to the store for a few more things, the kids decided that it might be a good idea to make cards for the Easter bunny to wish him Happy Easter and also to make a picture of what they really wanted him to drop into their baskets, just to make it clear..Isabella had wished for the Barbie movie: Barbie and the Pearl Princess, Benjamin had wished for a new set of bow and arrows as his old bow broke. He even put the old one next to the basket for the Easter bunny to see how much he really needed one!

Cassie had wished for a few items for her crazy loom, metal hooks, some new flavors of Eon's and other little things, and wrote a nice card as well. While Cassie was writing, the little ones wanted to write too, and asked me to write Happy Easter out for them to copy! I was very impressed how neat and well they did print their letters down! Their first card and I had to document them ofcourse:

Proud boy of his neat card!

Well done sweetie!!

After running to the store, there was a lot of decorations to be done. Cupcakes and cookies were transformed into little master pieces. All for the Easter Bunny to try, but as we realized later, he didn't really have the time to stop for a snack!

Cupcakes for dessert

Ben transforming his bunny into a "Hulk bunny"

Sprinkles..for the finishing touch!

Welcome sign hung and patio w who to find his way...

Well, I thought it would be a great idea to clean up the kitchen with all the cookie mess, and Chris said that he and the kids could walk to the mailbox to see if the Easter Bunny had left something in the mail or if they even could see him hopping around in the neighborhood. Well said and done, they went and I was back in the house getting something while I heard the patio door, I thought that it was the wind that made the sign make noises again, and didn't think much of it, but when I came out in the living room, I could see that we had had a fast hopping visitor in the house!

Baskets were filled to the brim..

...and a eggs were dropped in the house.

Soon Chris and the kids were back home to a great surprise, and they were so excited to see the eggs, that it took a moment to see that he had filled the baskets too!

"Bella, look at our baskets!!"

Wow, LOOK daddy, I got a new bow, I got the Princess Pearl movie!!

A Frozen book with a magic wand for special effects

Happy boy with a Super Heroes Storybook Collection

 Isabella's Easterbasket

Benjamin's Easterbasket

Cassie's Easterbasket

Ben was singing:

"I'm so happy, I'm so happy, I'm so happy I got a new bow"...

Jellybean heart!

Rusty- Easter Bunny's little helper!?

The movie had a great song in it, and the kids started dancing. Ben really got some moves, and is leaning more toward breakdancing than normal dance, I think one can say..

While the kids were watching the movie and playing, Chris and I got busy with the Easter dinner. We made lamb chops for Chris which is more of a Easter dinner, but as I don't eat lamb at all, we made pork filet in bacon on the grill for the rest of the family. Added some sweet shrimps and rosemary/lemon potatoes, corn on the cob and asparagus off the grill and the meal was delicious! Too much and we all enjoyed big portions, and there weren't even any place left for dessert!


After dinner, the kids wanted to watch some of Ben's new movie, and Cassie wanted to play a board game, and we decided to play Clue. I had played something similar to this game when we were kids, but we haven't played anything like this for a very long time, and it was really fun and we all had a great time! Cassie was so happy that we actually came around to do it, as it's hard to find the time in the evenings, when dinner, cleaning up, bath time and bed time is due, before it gets too late, but this evening, we let the kitchen be, and let the kids skip bath, that way we had more time for our oldest.

Just after 9pm it was time for her to go get ready for bed too, Chris had to sleep, as he normally gets up later at night to stay awake to sleep longer during Monday, as he had to go to work on Monday night. So, after 10pm it was only me that was awake in the house, as it didn't take very long for the little ones to fall asleep after such a long and eventful day!

Easter is over - and it was a good one! Hope all of you had a great Easter too!

The murderer was Mrs. Peacock, she used a revolver and the crime scene was in the ballroom!

Arizona Fun Facts

I had a laugh reading this. Some of it is very accurate, some not so much but funny nevertheless:


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Breakfast At The Patio

Our patio, this is where most of our breakfasts are taken in at this time of year. Later during the day it's almost too hot already to spend longer periods of time there, but in the early morning, it's still very nice. As soon as I've sent Cassie off to the school bus around 7.30 am, I bring Rusty outside so he can jump around on the patio, and later when the kids wake up, we join him outside. On Friday morning, Cassie who normally is in school at this time, joined us outside for a little later breakfast. Chris was sleeping after his night shift, but the kids were happy to get busy setting the table. This day, we only had cereal and fresh strawberries, but normally on the weekends, I make a bigger breakfast with either pancakes or waffles, eggs and bacon. But, as daddy was not joining us, we decided to make it a bit smaller this day. Still, as long as I have a big cup of coffee in front of me, the rest doesn't really matter...:)


...morning.... three beautiful sunshines!!

Love love love the fresh strawberries right now. We have fresh strawberries pretty much all year long, and most of them local, but right now they are incredibly sweet!! So, there isn't just on occasion that we have them in the house, we have them on a pretty much daily basis, and