Monday, December 22, 2014

Our North Pole Adventure - Part 2

In this part of our adventure we now reached the real workshop and the kids had to help the elves to finish up some toys that they were behind on. If you haven't read about this North Pole adventure of ours earlier, you can read about it here and here! In the workshop, the kids had to gather around on benches and they had to get some clothes on the teddy bears and they had to load up and try out some rockets. Everything was so nicely decorated, and it was a magical, Christmas feeling in the air!

They found a free bench to start to work!

Getting some instructions and options of clothing explained.

Not a hard choice for this girl, when there were sparkly glittery clothes in a pile, 
she was ready to get started!

Here the Elf took a picture of us, unfortunately, there were no retakes and Chris blinked..

Kids at work all over the workshop!

Time to launch those rockets!

Someone was getting really excited at this point - Check out Benjamin's eyes! And Isabella was worried that she wasn't going to have time to get her second teddy bear dressed!

I love this boy so much, and how he shows his excitement with his whole body!!

The girls showing off their teddy bears that they helped getting dressed.

Needless to say, this point was the highlight so far for this boy! How he laughed and how he got into shooting the rocket at the Elf, and when she laughed and shot back, the game was ON!

Reloading and putting on the the biggest smile in the workshop!

Group shot with their favorite Elf

So many wonderful decorations and so many beautiful Christmas trees!

We still had more fun ahead, but I'll continue in a Part 3 with that. I know, there are so many pictures, but I can't sit down together with my family to share them, so this is my way of doing that, and also so that I can keep it all documented. These pictures will help keep this trip a memory for a lifetime!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Our North Pole Adventure - Part 1

After much stress by checking in and getting the kids ready for the adventure in only about 15 minutes, we finally made it to the lobby. There, we were waiting in line to get on the trolley to the North Pole. The hotel was nicely decorated, and it was getting pretty hot next to the huge fireplace.

Beautiful tree in red and gold!

Isabella was getting excited, and Ben was still a bit suspicious at this point. He didn't want to wear those pants and those boots, would much rather wear his jeans and cowboy boots that he'd been wearing during the trip. I wanted him to be warm and nice on his feet, and as I didn't know how much of the adventure would be outside, I had planned for the kids to war winter boots, not to his liking...

Even if she was one of the older children in this line, she was still happy for this adventure!

I have to describe what happened when we were on the trolley/bus. It was so special, and I loved how they had made it special, and not just a bus trip for 10 minutes and then -voila- now you are at the North Pole. No, all the windows were covered, so you couldn't see out. They had TV monitors/screens like in an airplane, where they were first showing safety rules etc. THEN, when the bus had started, we had to practice a magic chant, with the two elves that were on the bus. When we came to a certain point, all the TV screens were turned on in the otherwise totally dark bus, we were only seeing a round opening, called the magic portal, and when we drove closer, we had to call out in chorus the magic chant so that the portal would open and let us in to the North Pole. While we drove into the portal, all the lights flickered in the bus, it was bells and flickering and it then we were there! The bus stopped and all the kids were asked off the bus first and they got to stand in front of this huge wooden door, the door to Santa's Workshop.

An Elf greeted us outside, and all the kids were getting so excited!

Look at her! 
It must be so exciting to be 4 years old and know that you soon will see 
Santa and his workshop!

All the kids had to walk up to the door and knock on the heavy door together, so that someone would let them in. The kids didn't know what to expect, and it was so much fun to watch! They probably thought that Santa himself was going to open the door!

First we came into a room where they showed off some of Santa's special toys in his "Hall of Fame". The kids were mostly excited to see the elves and get their autographs. This was "Blush" and "Lilly Belle".

After some time, and some special dance from all the visitors, they finally opened the door, and then we came into the Museum, where they had the very first Workshop that Santa himself had started working at, before he had to expand and get all the Elves to help.

Santa's first workbench now in the museum.

Kids listening to the Elf "Forrest" telling stories.

This is how it looked at all times, or most of the times. They were very keen on calling up all the kids to the very front all the time, and older children and adults had to stand in the back, or at the sidelines so that the kids had the best view of everything! The way it should be - the kids in focus at all times!

The Elf "Forrest" called out some questions, and here Cassandra was asked if she knew the names of all the Reindeer, which she could! She knew them all and we all learned that "Donner" actually is named "Donder" but there was a mispronunciation in a song at some time, and most people don't know about it. She still got a candy cane for naming them all.

Trying to soak everything in, watching the train track in the ceiling go round and round...

Here the Elf showed them the magic compass, and Isabella and Benjamin got really close up at some point and were happy to see it change color three times in the short time that they were up there.

One of the first ride on cars that Santa built.

Isabella with the Elf "Forrest"

We soon were off to more rooms with more adventure, but it would be too long of a post, so I have to break it up in several postings, as there are too many picture for only one. Look out for Part 2 of our adventure, coming up tomorrow!